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Do-It-Yourself Interchangeable Cores 

   DIY interchangeable cores allow you freedom to change your business locks 24/7 in the event of employment changes, lost or unaccounted keys, or any other concerns that your current keys might be compromised.

  • Save money by avoiding an after hours emergency service call.

  • Save time by exchanging the cores yourself the moment the need arises. 

  • Fast and easy to replace.

  • Keep back-up cores and keys on-hand.

  • Old cores can be returned at your convienence to be rekeyed for future use.

All keys are stamped with your unique system number, individual key series, & key number. This allows them to be assigned. Your unique systems record keeping is maintained at no cost to you. Need extra cores or keys? No problem, just call. We ship most phone orders the same/next working day.

This system can be used on:






  ●Exit devices


  ●Almost every locking device made

To Remove Old / Reinstall New Cores:

●Insert control key into core to be changed

●Turn control key  15°  to the right

●Remove core to be changed

●Insert control key into new core (in hand)

●Turn control key 15°  to right

●Insert new cylinder

●Turn control key 15°  to left

●Remove control key

●Core has been rekeyed

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